Riyo service management platform

Ensure accurate and timely bookings, scheduling, payments, and service delivery in one platform.

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What is Riyo?

Riyo is an enterprise cloud service management platform that can be integrated into your current systems and or white labelled. It enables organisations to seamlessly manage bookings, schedule jobs, complete service delivery, and take payments all in one place.

Unlike with error-prone and time-consuming legacy booking systems, Riyo is automated which speeds up processes and eliminates service blind spots. When communication breaks down between the business, service agent and customer, Riyo ensures that no critical details are lost as it automatically records all transactions.

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How Riyo works

Auto allocate jobs

Bookings can be done by either your staff or customer

Progress report

Real-time visibility and updates for the business, service agent, and customer

Job completion

The customer gets a notification, confirms job completion, and provides ratings and feedback

Excellent customer experience

On-time and friction-less end-to-end service leaves a lasting impression on the customer

Why Riyo?

Powered by a logic engine, it makes it quick and easy for teams to find the right service. The Riyo platform allows you to:

  • Automatically allocate services based on pre-defined criteria
  • Bring all stakeholders together in one place
  • View and track service progress in real-time
  • Ensure payment security until the customer confirms job completion
  • Book services in advance or “on-demand”
  • Access platform from mobile devices
  • Monitor and control the customer experience from start to finish